Best PTC program on planet!

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Best PTC program on planet!Neobux is a site where users get paid to click, promote and to complete offers. It is a site that has survived the test of time and has been paying since 2008. Neobux is reliable and stable site that has never failed to pay. Site is on our Proven&Secure list. Neobux does not require any investment to cashout at any point during standard membership. However users have the option to upgrade to increase their earnings. The biggest mistake new members make is rushing to invest to make faster income. Just to everyone knows we didn’t invest into Neobux first 6 months after we joined. Especially if you don’t have any referrals. In our opinion direct referrals is the key to success. Some people will take the quick route and invest in rentals. While we do not recommend investing in rentals on any site, it is up to you if you want to rent. Some do have success with renting, but please know that everyone will not have the same outcome. It is a gamble when you rent and it is not necessary to invest in order to cashout. If you decide to go "golden" I would recommend you get some direct referrals before doing so. While you may get more fixed ads, you will find it hard to get your investment back if you do not have direct referrals. Like everything, it will take some work and do not expect to make fast money after you join. But if you want a site where you can earn and realy and getting paid, then we would recommend you for sure Neobux.

In short about Neobux:
Site Name:  Neobux
Classified  As:  Established and Trusted
Status:  Online and Paying Since 2008
Paid Per Click:  $0.001 - $0.02
Per referral Click:  $0.0005 - $0.02
Min. Cash out:  $2.00 This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cash out until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.00.
Wait Time:  Instant
Payment Methods:  Paypal, Payza, Neteller
Paying on time since April 2008 - Neobux has been paying their members on time since 2008 and we haven’t faced any problem in getting paid. PAyment is literaly in seconds! We never had any issue with this site and that’s why we decided that Neobux is a trusted and paying site. Payment proofs can be found in their forum and all over the internet.
All countries accepted - Some PTC sites don’t accept members from some particular countries because of their server problem or some other reasons but this one accepts members from all countries
Instant payments - Neobux has always paid instantly - you will be paid once you reach the minimum cash out.
Forum - Neobux has a forum. Forums are a great feature because members can post payment proofs, get support from the site owner and stay up to date with the changes on the site.
Secondary password and pin - With Neobux you have the option of a secondary password to ensure better protection.
Increase in direct referrals - The more time you spend on the site your direct referral limit will increase. Any member can have direct referrals after 30 days from joining Neobux and after a minimum of 100 clicks. Any attempt made to get the direct referrals before this will be rejected.
Bonuses - You will have the opportunity to earn a bonus because Neobux gives a $0.50 bonus depending on your luck.  Every hour 60 members will get this bonus.
Main balance available for upgrade - You can use your main balance for upgrading from standard to premium which is really a nice feature as it saves you from fees that payment processors will charge.
Account suspended after inactivity: 60 days - so be active every day!

Maximum rented referrals:
Standard: 300
Golden: 2000
Emerald: 2000
Platinum: 2000
Sapphire: 2500
Diamond: 3000
Ultimate: 4000

Upgrade prices:
Standard: Free
Golden: $90.00 or 30,000 NeoPoints per year
Emerald: $290.00 per year
Sapphire: $290.00 per year
Platinum: $490.00 per year
Diamond: $490.00 per year
Ultimate: $890.00 per year

Neobux has been online and paying since 2008. It is one of the oldest bux sites online that continues to pay. We have not had any problems with this site and have been paid instantly at every request. We feel this is a safe and paying site to use. We will continue to monitor this site. If anyone would like to share their experience that they had with this site, whether it is good or bad, feel free to do so and write your comments below.

Best way to start - Fantastic Web Pages Team Strategy:
Main reason why we use
Neobux is promotion. Thats the reason why we sort it in category Promotion. Neobux have more then 20.000.000 members and this base is great start to promote your online business. All members here loves online business and all of them are here because of only one reason - EARN MORE MONEY! Give them chance to know in what programs you earn great money and very soon you will have in all your programs lots of quality referrals!

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