Best internet bank for any internet jobs!

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Best internet bank for any internet jobs!Payza, previously known as AlertPay, is a convenient and secure way to send and receive money worldwide. Individuals can use Personal accounts to send and receive money or shop online and companies can use Business accounts to manage their business online. This secure payment provider offers services such as corporate disbursements to send out single or mass payments with a single click, shopping cart integration to help simplify e-commerce, and invoicing to request payment from customers.

There are fees for wire transfers, withdrawing funds, currency conversions, and receiving funds. Everything else, including opening an account - is free. Personal Starter accounts are also allowed to receive funds for free. Payza dedication to security and support mean that clients can have peace of mind when using Payza.

Payza is great for individuals or companies, small or large, who want to simplify doing business online. Payza flexible tools help business manage requesting and processing payments, paying employees, and setting up websites for e-commerce. Payza is available in countries globally, allowing businesses to sell their products and services anytime - anywhere.

Payza Customer Support Specialists are available via phone, email, chat, Twitter and Facebook to answer any concerns, from website questions to dispute resolution. Payza is currently expanding their customer support team and are hiring more staff members to ensure their customers’ needs are met.

Payza is available in 190 different countries and accepts 22 different currencies. Part of Payza mission is to establish a presence in underdeveloped and developing countries, allowing these under-served markets to have an affordable and convenient way to connect to the global market.

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Personal Pro and Business accounts pay a 2.50% + $0.25 USD fee to receive funds. There is a $20 USD fee to add funds to an account via a bank wire. The fees for withdrawing funds depend on the method: $0.50 USD for bank transfer, $15.00 USD for bank wire, $1.00 USD for prepaid card, and $4.00 USD for a check. There is a 2.5% fee for currency exchange. All other services are free.

Payza is great Money tranfer service and you must have them if you ae serious in making money online. Majority of all money making programs using Payza so you can easily transfer your fund from on program to another.

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