Best free site counter for any internet job!

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Best free site counter for any internet job!RelmaxTop is free site counter and with it you can track not only detailed statistics, but also ratings and comments about your site. RelmaxTop will also list and rank your web site in their Directory using the number of visitors, feedback and votes you get through your fully-customizable counter. And you can even earn money participating in RelmaxTop referral program!

With the unique features of RelmaxTop you can:

1. Promote your Web site in RelmaxTop Directory:
Unlike other directories, RelmaxTop directory provides a direct link to your site. You will not only get traffic from RelmaxTop site, but you will also receive a reciprocal link to your site. This will help you get higher rankings in search engines.

2. Browse Directory for interesting Web sites:
RelmaxTop manually review all web sites submitted to RelmaxTop Site Directory. That is why bad sites or sites under construction are rejected upon submission to RelmaxTop Directory.

3. Get detailed statistics, votes, and reviews for your web site:
RelmaxTop track detailed visits and pageviews of your web site by hours (for current day only), yesterday, week, month, 3 months, 6 months, and even for one year. You will be amazed by RelmaxTop detailed statistics for the popular and entry pages of your web site, referring sites including search engines, search keywords, interactive visitor map, browsers, operating systems, screens and mobile devices of your site visitors, changes in your site ranking and much more. Also, your site visitors will be able to vote for and submit their reviews for your site with just one click. Furthermore, you can always decide whether you want to receive such feedback, or not.

4. Plus… Earn real money referring other members:
You earn up to 40% commissions from all purchases of our paid plans made by your referrals:
10% as a Starter (free plan by default),
20% as an Advanced member (Current price is $6.45 per month),
30% as a Professional member ($11.95 per month),
40% as a Super member ($17.95 per month)

RelmaxTop is great tool so register today and start use it now!

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